Apprentice with kitchen electrics

Common misconceptions employers have about recruiting an Apprentice

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions from employers when it comes down to what an apprenticeship is and what benefits they can bring to your business. Here at TRN we often hear from potential new businesses that they don’t have the time or the resources to recruit an apprentice. The reality is hiring an apprentice actually has a positive impact on business.

Common misconceptions employers have about recruiting an Apprentice.

Employer: I haven’t got time to look after an Apprentice.
Fact: You don’t need to spend any more time with an apprentice than you would with a new member of staff.

Employer: It’s too expensive to take on an Apprentice.
Fact: There a number of grants and funding that is available when you recruit an apprentice. Although you do have to pay an apprentice a weekly wage the hourly rate is a lot less than a member of staff in full time employment

Employer: The 20% off the job rule means I am paying them for doing nothing.
Fact: When your apprentice is off site, they are actually learning new skills that they can use when they are back in the working environment. This helps their confidence grow as during their 20% off the job training, they are in an environment where any mistakes made, won’t affect business.

Employer: Apprenticeships don’t really add value to businesses.
Fact: There’s a lot of evidence that in actual fact an apprentice has a positive impact on your business and helps improves productivity and overall business performance.

Employer: Apprenticeships are just for young people.
Fact: Apprenticeships are available for anyone over the age of 16 looking to improve their skills and progress their career.

Employer: Apprenticeships are only for new workers.
Fact: Apprenticeships can also be used to upskill existing employees and progress in their career.

Employer: The process of recruiting an apprentice is too complicated.
Fact: TRN are here to help you recruit the right apprentice and we only send you the candidates once we have interviewed them ourselves. Our support doesn’t stop there, once you have the right apprentice in place, we will give help and support throughout the Apprentices learning journey.

Employer: Once they finish their apprenticeship, they’ll just leave to go to another company for more money.
Fact: Many apprentices appreciate the support and guidance that you have given them along their journey and feel comfortable in the environment they have been working in, so are more often than not, happy to commit to a full-time position within your business.

Hopefully the facts above will help clear any misconceptions you may have had, but if not, why not listen to the people who have been through the process. Please see the video below where we have spoken to Paul Maddison, Apprenticeship Manager, Operations Division, Newcastle City Council, about Apprenticeships within his organisation. We also hear from some Apprentices currently working with Your Homes Newcastle.