Want to make big bucks? Then why not become a bricklayer?

Want to make big bucks? Then why not become a bricklayer?

Most people think that to make a good wage you would have done really well in school and university and progressed into a career such as being a Doctor, Psychiatrist or a Banker, and yes these jobs do pay really well, but a lot of people go down very different routes and still earn very good wages.

With some bricklayers making anything from £30,000 to £60,000 per year depending on experience and hours worked it’s no real surprise that it’s a really popular career choice.

Like any profession the more hours you put in the more you will earn, but unlike some other jobs there constantly seems to be a high demand for people who have this trade. In this blog post we take a more detailed look into becoming a bricklayer.

A lot of bricklayers started out on the Apprenticeship route, as do most trades people. This is because it’s the perfect way to learn the skills you need for the job while also getting the correct training and support.

What makes a good bricklayer?

There are a number of skills and attributes that you need if you want to make a successful career out of being a bricklayer, here are a few we think are key:

Enjoy practical work

Obviously you will need to be a very hands on person if you want to work in the building trade as a bricklayer. You will be constantly working with your hands and need to be able to see a project through from start to finish.

Working in all weather

Although topping up your tan while you’re doing a day’s work sounds perfect, you will also have to be willing to work in all the other elements as work doesn’t end for 6 months of the year because it’s cold, wet and windy.

Happy working at heights

Not all but some jobs might require you to work at heights, you will need to make sure that you’re not only relaxed at heights but you’re also comfortable moving around and carrying heavy loads at height.

Hand-eye coordination

It goes without saying that in order to be a skilled bricklayer you will need good hand-eye coordination. The better it is, the faster and more precise your work will look when finished. The faster you can work the more money you can make. Practice makes perfect and the more experience you get the better your hand-eye coordination will become, don’t worry too much if it’s not up to standard straight away.

Be technically minded

Being a bricklayer isn’t just about bricks and mortar, you need to be able to understand and plan the process so you don’t waste time and money having to rebuild or make changes to the work you have already done. You will also need to be able to read structural plans and be able to calculate spaces and distances.

Happy working in teams and alone

Being part of a team (squad) is key to most bricklayers. Working in a team means you can lay more bricks which means you make more money. Being able to get on with people is crucial. There might be times when you will be working on smaller jobs, perhaps maybe doing some weekend work on your own, it’s important that you can keep your concentration and work safely in these situations.

Physically fit

You will need a decent level of fitness to work as a bricklayer, you will be lifting and carrying heavy objects, however the good thing is that the more work you do the fitter you should become as you’ll be constantly working up a sweat using muscles you might not even know you had.

Attitude is key

All of the above points are important to be successful as a bricklayer, but the most important point is you have to have the right attitude. You should be willing to get down and dirty as well as being self-motivated, especially on those cold wet winter mornings where you can hardly feel your fingers tips. Having the right attitude will help drive you on those tough days, the earning potential can be great but on top of the money you can also create a great lifestyle and there is real possibilities to progress and who knows one day you might be the boss running your own construction company.

Check out the bricklaying apprenticeships we have available.

Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Trowel Occupations (Construction)

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Trowel Occupations (Construction)

Once you become a time served bricklayer there are always options to take your skills and work abroad which will not only give you the opportunity to travel the world but will also pay better rates. Becoming a bricklayer does involve a lot of hard work but by putting in the work you can forge yourself a seriously good career either at home or abroad.

If you have any of the above qualities, then why not get in touch and find out how a bricklayer apprenticeship can work for you and help get your new career off on the right track.

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