Construction then and now

Why it is so important to regenerate the construction industry by taking on an apprentice

Social Values that will help in the recovery plan for the construction industry.

Forefather’s message:

In a time of social values our forefathers had a clear message in order to future proof the industry for the next generation.

Their attributes were clear, and their beliefs were strong, they had:

  • Patience with their trainee.
  • Gave second chances for punctuality problems.
  • Shared essential skills by taking time to demonstrate them to their trainee.
  • Understood how to get the best out of their worker.
  • Genuinely feeling that their trainee was an asset and an extension of their workforce factoring them into the future of their business.
  • Mindful of the broader economy.
  • Safeguarding the industry for when they retire.
  • Building merchants having sight of their next customers i.e. trainees, apprentices to avoid a hike in their prices to keep depots running.

They did all of this to make sure the next generation of builders succeeded, and the industry would stay strong in today’s climate.

Where is the construction industry now?

Currently the construction industry has a worryingly ageing workforce averaging from people in their 30’s to pensionable age. This is as a result of not providing the necessary traineeship/apprenticeship opportunities which will future proof the industry. However TRN believe if we can change the mind-set of the builders of today by getting them to understand the benefits of having an apprentice and to realise that we can help and support them through the full apprenticeship journey then we can have a real impact in slowly regenerating the construction industries ageing workforce.

TRN are not alone in understanding the importance of apprentices. Nationwide Local Authorities now write it in to their bids when large building contractors tender for the upcoming work on local projects. In turn the supply chain contracting with the main contractors should adhere to the social values to ensure enough work placements, traineeships, apprenticeships and community initiatives are built into the contract lining up with the Local Authorities agenda. For example Gateshead Thrive.

TRN have aligned its training provision to cater for the builders requirements which are outlined in the social values section in the main contractors list. This factoring in the health agenda and people gaining work/apprenticeships through sustainable employment.

Main contractors are also looking for builders who have an apprentice as it helps towards the social values that they adhere to and also having an apprentice can help the builder when trying to gain work on key sites.

For those builders who subscribe to our forefathers thought process and are passionate about passing on their skills and knowledge to the next generation then please get in touch to find out more about how TRN can support you through the process of recruiting an apprentice. As well as to give you information around the grants and funding that will be available when taking on your apprentice.

Please contact Richard Whiteley (Partnership Manager) for further information.

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