Kiers Social Value Partnership Breakfast Morning

Kier Social Value Partnership Breakfast Morning

There was a great turn out for Kiers social value breakfast morning at Ponteland School & Leisure Development site organised by Claire Straughan (Kier Social Impact Coordinator). Our Partnership Manager, Richard Whiteley, along with Chris Howard (Job Centre NTW), Mike Hawkins (Generation NE) and CITB were also in attendance which gave the supply chain a perfect platform to have all their questions and queries answered by the experts who sat in front of them.

The conversation started by outlining the need for the supply chain to utilise the opportunity they have to recruit adults (Pre-employment Training), apprentices and trainees (Multi Sector Traineeship) in order to not only help their businesses but also help the regeneration of the construction industry on a whole.

As expected there were people who really thought that using adults, apprentices or trainees would be beneficial and were open to the idea. Others had a few concerns around how they haven’t worked out for them in the past so were a bit unsure why it would be different this time. Luckily, Richard was quick to answer their concerns with concrete evidence of what TRN could do to make the process a success this time.

One of the key concerns seemed to be that it was hard to get the right person and not just have someone wanting to do an apprenticeship or traineeship because they don’t know what else to do. Richard put their minds at ease by talking through TRN’s recruitment of learners, advising that TRN interview all of our candidates and ask them to complete a full induction form before they are considered for any role.

The supply chain also agreed that it would be a great idea for learners to do some work experience with a number of trades on site before committing their long term future to an apprenticeship which again would help in making sure the apprenticeship was both right for the learner and the business involved. This in turn will assist in the fulfilment of the Social values stipulated in the main contract.

As the meeting came to an end it was clear that there had been some good progress made and that everyone had a much clearer vision of how to move forward in the future when it came to utilising adults, apprentices and trainees.

TRN are really looking forward to working in partnership with Kier and its supply chain and believe that we can successfully meet all their needs when it comes to delivering both apprenticeships and traineeships along with meeting the social values that are so important.