TRN Staff Team Building Away Day 2019

TRN Staff Team Building Away Day 2019

Wow! what a day we all had on TRN’s annual staff team building away day. It’s safe to say the day was a major success even with a few bumps and crashes along the way, some of which may not have been unintentional.

The day started with a breakfast of coffee, cakes, pastries, doughnuts and even fresh fruit for the people trying to be healthy. There was also a raffle where one lucky person won a paid day off work!

After a morning of chatting with everyone and getting caught up on the latest gossip, it was on to the important stuff, that was the draw to determine the teams for the go-karting later in the afternoon. You could say there were some pretty confident people who thought there would be no stopping their team winning, especially our MD Mark Hewitt who gave a rousing speech that he hoped would inspire his team to victory.

So off we all went to Team Sport Karting Newcastle to battle it out to see who would be crowned the TRN Karting Champions. Once kitted out and safety briefed it was off to the track for the fun to start, a 90-minute team relay race was about to get under way. It wasn’t long before you could hear tyres screeching as we all took turns to go around the track as fast as we could while the rest were glued to the TV screen watching the live league table.

After getting to grips (literally) with the track conditions it soon became apparent that there was only one team to catch, Dave’s Dodgems, who had opened up a healthy lead. It was also clear that the speech Mark had made earlier in the day hadn’t had the desired effect he’d hoped for, as his team, Mark’s Motors, although putting up a good fight, were a bit off pace. The rest of the teams, Trevor’s Turbos, Liam’s Limos and Ackroyd’s Autos were all neck to neck and a podium finish was in their sights.

After the 90 minutes were up and the chequered flag had been raised, we’re pleased to say there was no major injuries to report. The winners and TRN’s karting champions were Dave’s Dodgems, they ran away with it completing an impressive 121 laps, finishing a full 11 laps ahead of 2ndplace Trevor’s Turbos. Ackroyd’sAutos secured 3rdposition followed by Liam’s Limos in 4thand finally Marks Motors in 5th. Regardless of the results it was clear that everyone who participated really enjoyed the experience.

The fun didn’t end there as we then moved on to the Newcastle Quayside for a quick drink before ending the day with a meal at a local restaurant as we had all worked up a big appetite from the efforts we had put in go-karting.

The day itself was a huge success, a special mention must go to Vicky Waters for organising the events of the day and also managing to get a black flag while go-karting well done Vicky!