• County Lines

    County Lines

    The term ‘County Lines’ is becoming a commonly used term within the context of working with children and young people. ‘County Lines’ is a term used when drug dealers, often from cities, start expanding into smaller towns and villages often using violence to force out locally established dealers. The gangs then exploit vulnerable children and young people by grooming and persuading them into trafficking and selling drugs.

  • Equality and Diversity Training

    Equality and Diversity

    These courses aim to raise awareness of Equality & Diversity and encourage candidates to take a proactive approach within the workplace. Equality and Diversity can be compromised by candidates own values, opinions and prejudices. Learners will gain awareness of discriminatory practices and acquire knowledge on how to promote equal opportunities for all and recognise the value of diversity.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    Mental Health Awareness

    TRN's Mental Health Awareness course is aimed at people working within a care environment and is available both as e-Learning and Face to Face training.

    The training is designed to give care staff an understanding of a wide range of conditions and disorders that affect mood, thinking and behaviour in people who have mental health illnesses.