Understanding Autism

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism

Autistic spectrum disorders can vary significantly, with cases ranging from mild to severe. Having a clear understanding of the misconceptions, diagnoses and support surrounding autism are just some of the fundamental skills needed when working in mental health.

Autism is a spectrum condition that affects how a person communicates with others and how they interpret the world around them. Recent prevalence studies of autism indicate that 1.1% of the UK population may be on the autism spectrum. This means that there are around 700,000 people in the UK with autism, more than 1 in every 100.

Online Learning

Course Overview:

The purpose of this online learning course is to develop learners knowledge and understanding of autism and how to support individuals with autism to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

The term autism is used to include all autistic spectrum conditions, including Asperger syndrome.

Mandatory Units:

  • Best practice relating to autism.
  • Living with autism.
  • Signs, symptoms and diagnosis of autism.
  • Sources of information, support, legislation, and guidance relevant to autism.

Estimated Total Qualification Time:

150 hours.