Safe Handling of Medication

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care

Medicines are potent substances that control disease, ease discomfort and prolong life for millions of people and are largely beneficial. Unfortunately, no medicine is without side effects, some worse than others. However, side effects are not the only potential complication with medicines.

People sometimes take medicines when they do not need them or use the medicines in the wrong way. Usually these things happen by accident or because of misunderstandings. Often the effects are minor but occasionally they can be severe or even life-threatening.

In any setting where care staff are responsible for looking after and administering medicines to other people, whether they are young or old, healthy or sick, it is important to follow a set of general principles to make certain this is done safely. Having good informed knowledge of the safe handling of medicines is crucial for anyone working with medication.

Online Learning

Course Overview:

The purpose of this online learning course is to develop learners knowledge and understanding of how to administer, store, dispose of and process medicines safely, and provides learners with an understanding of medication and prescriptions. This qualification is intended to prepare learners skills in this subject area and to prepare them for further learning or training.

Mandatory Units:

  • Logistical aspects of handling medication
  • Record-keeping and audit processes for medication
  • Understand medication and prescriptions
  • Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication

Estimated Total Qualification Time:

140 hours.