Lean Organisation Management Techniques

Level 2 Certificate in Lean Organisation Management Techniques

A lean organisation delivers the highest customer value using minimal resources. Lean organisation management techniques are becoming progressively more and more important in today’s competitive business market.

A comprehensive understanding of the concept and benefits of a lean environment, in combination with a knowledge of business improvement techniques and effective teamwork, is essential for any individuals working in a management role.

Online Learning

Course Overview:

The purpose of this online learning course is to develop a learners knowledge and understanding relevant to providing services in business which improve performance. The content is applicable to all sectors and areas of work to improve performance.

The objectives of the qualification are to:

  • develop learners understanding of lean organisation techniques and business improvement tools and techniques
  • develop learners understanding of the skills required to work effectively in a team in the business sector
It is suitable for learners in, or wishing to move into job roles which include business improvement. It is also suitable for other learners in a business environment who wish to develop an understanding of business improvement techniques and practices.

Mandatory Units:

  • Business improvement techniques
  • Effective team work in business
  • Lean organisation techniques in business

Estimated Total Qualification Time:

150 hours.